RWBY Team Leader: Ruby Rose Cosplay!

The animated-web series RWBY takes place in a world called Vytal. Prior to the events that took place in the series, a war had waged between humans and groups of mythical creatures known as the Grimm. But, after discovering a mysterious element known as Dust, humans used it to power up magical powers and use their abilities to rebel and fight against the Grimm. One of these rebellious groups is known as RWBY. A group of four girls, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long, and their leader, Ruby Rose, are well known fighters for the human kind.


Cosplayer Max takes Ruby to a whole new level. In this cosplay, Ruby appears as a sexy fighter chick who is often compared to Red Ridinghood because of her red hooded cape.  Max does an outstanding play on Ruby adding detail to the costume and that edge and power that she has into the photos. The special effects adds a powerful vibe, bringing Ruby’s fictional power to life! Max also includes Ruby’s powerful weapon, the Crescent Rose, a mechanical weapon that combines a scythe and a sniper rifle, crafted by Ruby’s uncle, Qrow.   All in all, this is a perfectly done, accurate cosplay of the RWBY character that anime fans everywhere have been raving about.




Written by Guest Contributor: JessicaVelocity