Ryuko Matoi Cosplay Struts her Stuff in Senketsu

ryuko-matoi-cosplay-1Photography by Novii

Ryuko Matoi is one of the main characters of the series Kill la Kill. Searching for her father’s killer who wields a blade identical to hers, she ends up enrolling at Honnōji Academy. A stubborn teen who has very little fears, she hunts tirelessly for the one with the purple scissor blade. Drawing power from Senketsu, a living sailor outfit that she can synchronize with, she is a formidable foe.


Brigitte Quinn dons Senketsu herself as she transforms into the Kill la Kill badass. With short black hair with a slash of red in the front and hypnotizing blue eyes, she is Ryuko Matoi. She is wearing the normal version of Senketsu, where it is the most covering. The top part is Senketsu’s face, most noticeably its eye is the bright patch of red, yellow and orange near her color. The skirt is short and attached to the cropped top via suspender like ribbons. Wielding the red scissor blade she is ready to take down anyone who stands in her way on her hunt for vengeance.

ryuko-matoi-cosplay-3Photography by Think.Nu

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