Saber Becomes a Bride in Fate/Extra CCC Cosplay

Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus is the identity of a playable saber class servant. Often referred to as Red Saber to distinguish her from other sabers she is the Fifth Roman Emperor. A tyrant who reached the throne through manipulation, she was vastly popular with many of her citizens after abolishing taxes. A perfectionist, she views herself as half male and half female, with the best of both genders.


Cosplayer Disharmonica slips into Saber’s Bridal Gown of Bondage, becoming Bride Saber. A white body suit embellished with a gold and black zipper down the front of her torso as well as her legs and various belts on the legs comprises the main part of the costume. A veil is fitted atop her golden blonde hair giving her that bridal vibe. Hanging off a belt around her waist is a soft golden cape, making the overall feel more elegant and regal instead of bondage. Disharmonica does a fantastic job in this sexy cosplay utilizing various poses to show off Saber’s seductive side.

saber-bride-cosplay-3 saber-bride-cosplay-4

 Photography by eZhika