Sailor Mars Sets the Earth Aflame in This Epic Cosplay!


Sailor Mars is turning up the heat and she knows exactly what you are thinking. Sailor Mars has been one of my favorite characters in the series every since it was released. Although her personality varied in the anime adaptation of the series she continued to be my favorite. Her mission is to show that women should not be underestimated and protect the world of course. She can unleash pain even while wearing red high heels.


Lie Chee is heating up the cosplay world with her Sailor Mars cosplay. She has captured this Sailor Scout absolutely perfectly. Looking as magical as Sailor Mars herself, Lie Chee has created a costume that is perfect down to the very last stitch. Complete with red heels and long black/purple har, Lie Chee is flawless.


To learn more about the beautiful and talented Lie Chee follow her on Facebook. Her cosplay portfolio is mesmerizing.


Photography by Blue Potion




Written by Guest Contributor: NerdgirlBritt