Sailor Moon Cosplay is a Pretty Sailor Soldier

Sailor Moon is the protector of all that is good in the world. Defending Tokyo from various foes, she grows stronger and more confident in her abilities. Joined by the other Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask, this magic girl possess a wide arsenal. From using her tiara to her wand, she crushes evil doers wherever they appear. Serena, Sailor Moon’s real world identity, however is quite the opposite, often a cry baby who hates doing homework and loves to eat.


Cosplayer Ailish01 uses her Transformation Brooch to become the mighty Sailor Moon. Wearing the iconic sailor inspired outfit, the skirt is magical with its starry pattern. Red boots, white gloves and a giant red bow finish up the outfit. Long blonde pigtails trail behind her as she strikes various poses from the anime. The small details are what bring this cosplay to life, however, from the clips on her pigtails to the tiara on her forehead to the brooch in the center of the bow.


Photography by Arda Wigs