Sailor Moon Collectible Birthday Cake

Sailor Moon Crystal Birthday Cake Collectibles Deliciously Adorable

Have you ever dreamed of having a Sailor Moon themed birthday cake, but were crushed at the idea of cutting into its adorable decorations? Would you want to preserve the cute aesthetics of the confectionary delights to enjoy in more than just pictures? Then these non-edible plastic collectibles are for you!

Made by the Japanese toy company Re-Ment, which has earned a reputation for creating life-like miniature food, this series of eight Sailor Moon collectibles focuses on birthday cakes. Each of the eight cakes comes with a decorative figurine of the character inspiring the confectionary delight, and a soft pink pedestal for display. The collection is customizable, with each box providing a set of numbered candles so you can celebrate anything from your birthday to Sailor Moon’s 20th Anniversary. There is only space for two candles on the cake, however, so only two plastic flames are provided per collectible.

If you want to make this collection yours, these cakes, along with other Sailor Moon Re-Ment collectibles, can be found through various sellers on Amazon. Please note that these cakes are blind-box toys, so which one you receive is determined by the stars and product distribution patterns. However, it is possible to buy all eight in the series, guaranteeing you will get the one or two designs you want.

If you would like to know a bit more about these eight collectible cakes, you can find pictures and detailed descriptions below!

Sailor Moon Collectible Birthday Cake #1

The first collectible in this series represents the Pretty Guardian of Love and Justice in a Sailor Suit, Sailor Moon! This two-tiered “Fresh Strawberry Cake” is intricately decorated with soft icing swirls and juicy strawberries. Its top tier features Sailor Moon’s signature half-moon and hair clips, while the bottom tier recreates the gem in her tiara. Situated behind the Sailor Moon figurine is a chocolate cutout of Luna, her guardian cat, and a candy bunny. The pure white icing on this creation is reminiscent of a wedding cake, but can also represent the Moon Kingdom.

Sailor Moon Collectible Birthday Cake #2

Next in the series comes a collectible for the handsome and daring Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon’s love interest throughout the series. This “Chocolate Raspberry Cake” is shaped like the hero’s pocket watch, and has two layers separated by chocolate and raspberry filling. Alongside the character’s figurine are chocolate recreations of his signature rose and pocket watch. The top of the cake also features chocolate carefully folded to look like Tuxedo Mask’s flowing cape.

Sailor Moon Collectible Birthday Cake #3

This third collectible embodies the Agent of Love and Intelligence, Sailor Mercury!
Mercury’s “Jiggly Jelly Cake” is made of a base cake layer encompassed by icing waves, and then topped with layers of blue and white jelly. Inside the top layer of jelly you can see what appears to be a starfish and seashells, emphasizing that the Sailor Scout’s figurine is standing on top of the ocean she controls. Behind the figurine in a white chocolate book with Mercury’s symbol held on by blue icing waves. The front of the cake is adorned with a candy ribbon, similar to the one found on Mercury’s Sailor Scout uniform.

Sailor Moon Collectible Birthday Cake #4

Fourth in the series, this collectible finds its inspiration in the Guardian of Fire and Passion, Sailor Mars! This “Red Berry Tart” has a crisp golden crust, piled high with glistening strawberries on a bed of whipped cream. To the left of the Sailor Scout’s figurine is a candy replica of the Casablanca lily, Mars’ favorite flower. Behind Mars is a white chocolate recreation of her signature high heel, which emphasizes her class and grace in the series. To the right is a milk chocolate earring, featuring Mars’ symbol.

Sailor Moon Collectible Birthday Cake #5

The fifth collectible represents the Agent of Love and Courage, Sailor Jupiter! Her “Matcha Square Cake” is layered with berry and green tea filling, and then topped with swirls of green tea icing and a fresh strawberry. To the left of the figurine is a candy lightning bolt, referencing her electricity-based attacks. This cake also features a pink macaroon, referencing the Sailor Scout’s feminine side, with Jupiter’s symbol.

Sailor Moon Collectible Birthday Cake #6

Sixth in the series, this collectible is inspired by the Agent of Love and Beauty, Sailor Venus! This heart-shaped “Orange Mousse Cake” is decorated with creamy icing and fresh orange slices. Behind the figurine is a white chocolate cutout of Artemis, the loveable guide who prompted her to become Sailor Venus. On the right is a heart-shaped rod with a red bow, decorated with Venus’ symbol.

Sailor Moon Collectible Birthday Cake #7

The seventh collectible embodies the Crown Princess of Crystal Tokyo, Sailor Chibi Moon! Her “LunaP Dome Cake” is a confectionary recreation of her trusted companion covered in a sweet blueberry cream. Instead of an antenna on top of the LunaP’s head, there is a cherry. To the right of the figurine is a white chocolate key, representing the key to the doors of time given to Chibi Moon by Sailor Pluto.

Sailor Moon Collectible Birthday Cake #8

Eighth and final in the series, this collectible features the Soldier of Revolution, Sailor Pluto! This “Chocolate Torte” is decorated with the doors of time, created with careful icing details along the edges of the cake. There is also a white chocolate door to the left of the figurine, representing the main door that Pluto guards. The white icing swirls around the top edges of the cake recreate the perilous fogs of space-time. Behind the figurine is a candy representation of Pluto’s signature earrings.