Sailor Saturn Cosplay Will Take Your Breath Away

Sailor Saturn is one of the many Sailor Scouts to appear in the manga and anime series. She is known as the “Soldier of Ruin and Birth” while her civilian identity has her simply known as Hotaru Tomoe. The Silence Glaive is her  weapon of choice which she can easily use to bring about the destruction of any world. However, not all of Sailor Saturn’s powers are so destructive; she also has the handy ability to heal minor wounds. Unfortunately, she must use this gift sparingly, for it comes at a physically draining cost for her.

MasyFox‘s cosplay of Sailor Saturn does her great justice! Her costume is incredibly accurate to what she adorned in the anime. Her hair, the choker, the bow, and even the petal shoulder pads are perfect, real-life replicas. MasyFox truly looks like a beautiful force to be reckoned with, and she adoringly shows her talents and creativity in this cosplay. Well done!



Photography by Vadim Bulatov



Written by Guest Contributor: Julie Kitten