Sailor Venus Punishes Evil in the Name of Love in Beautiful Cosplay


In the popular Sailor Moon series, Sailor Venus is one of the first Sailor Soldiers to be awakened to her powers. However this was not due to Usagi, but the white cat Artemis. Wielding the power of love, she is a mighty foe in battle, being level-headed and not easily flustered. She tends to stay apart from the rest of the Sailor Soldiers though she does know their real identities, causing her to seem callous at times. Despite this, she is an important member of the team and a strong person the others can turn to for advice.



Cosplayer Chrome-sensei uses her transformation pen to turn into the evil fighting Sailor Venus. Her long blonde hair is held back by her signature red bow. In a white and orange sailor outfit, her transformation is complete. With matching white gloves and orange heels, she is ready to vanquish any threat to Earth, Venus’ twin planet. Photographer Lust-ik really enhances the photos with her amazing editing skills, putting Sailor Venus in a bubble just as she is in the beginning of the series or encircled in her heart shaped Venus Love-Me Chain attack.





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