Saint Seiya Comes to Life in Sacred Saga Aphrodite Cosplay

Saint Seiya first released in 1986 as a manga created by Masami Kurumada. The manga was so popular that it was turned into an anime, running for 114 episodes before ending in 1989. Saint Seiya story of an orphan named Seiya who was fighting to be reunited with his sister, traveling to Greece where the Sanctuary is located. There he was to obtain the Pegasus Bronze Cloth in order to participate in a tournament known as the Galaxian Wars. The prize if he wins: the reincarnation of Athena will help search for his sister.


Saint Seiya and its artistic style were so popular that it has spawned many spin-off projects. One of these projects is the popular art book known as Sacred Saga. The representation of Aphrodite found in Sacred Saga is what cosplayer adelhaid has created in a stunning piece. Featuring blue and silver wings, armor and flowing pink cloth, adelhaid is a vision to behold. The armor pieces are beautifully constructed. The heart hanging from her choker as well as the swirl around her navel as perfect. Her head piece is gorgeous. Not only is she beautifully feminine, but with amazing poses, adelhaid looks ready to rumble.


Photography credits: onkami and JustMoolti