Samus Aran Cosplay Shows Off Her Zero Suit

Samus Aran has led an interesting life. Her parents were killed by Space Pirates when she was three. Adopted by the Chozo, she had her DNA combined with theirs so she could live on the alien planet. Starting combat training immediately, she was raised to be a warrior. With a career in the Federation Police, then turning to bounty hunting, Samus gained a reputation for completing missions many thought impossible, such as wiping out the Metroids and destroying the Space Pirate base on Zebes.


Though she wears her Power Suit for most of her game play in the Metroid series, underneath that Samus wears her Zero Suit. This is the suit that cosplayer Ainlina dons in her Samus Aran cosplay. The skintight light and dark blue bodysuit is perfectly crafted and embellished with a pink logo. Blonde hair is tied in a ponytail with 2 chunks hanging on the side of her face. The blue of the bodysuit really brings out her blue eyes. Wielding the Paralyzer, she is ready to stun enemies and kick ass.

Photography by alarzy and Florian Fromentin