Samus Cosplay Takes Down Metroids in Style

Samus Aran is known for her vast arsenal of fighting skills, weapons knowledge, and ability to survive in alien atmospheres. A strong female character, she was orphaned at a young age. Taken in by the Chozo, her DNA was modified in order to make her a fearsome warrior. Only seen previously wearing her Power Suit, when she was finally seen in her Zero Suit, people were stunned that she was woman. Beloved by numerous fans, her Metroid killing, Space Pirate destroying, ass kicking led to many sequels and her inclusion in Super Smash Bros.


Dubbed Zero Suit Samus in Super Smash Bros., this sleek outfit is donned by Vertvixen. The well crafted light blue body suit is embellished with dark blue patterning reminiscent of cybernetics. Armed with her Paralyzer to stun enemies, she is still a threat. Strong poses and amazing lighting help bring Samus to life in this cosplay.


Photography by Cosplay Corral