Satsuki Kiryuin Rules Over All with Flawless Cosplay

Steadfast, determined, prideful and stubborn all describe one of Kill la Kill’s main antagonists, Satsuki Kiryuin. A slim woman with long blue hair, she is in charge of Honnoji Academy’s Student Council, garnering her much respect from fellow residents. Though she is filled with pride, she does not let that get in the way of her achieving a goal and will use any means necessary to complete it.


While she is highly intelligent, manipulative, and an extremely skilled fighter, she dons Junketsu for even more power. In it’s dormant form it appears just like a white and blue sailor uniform, though a bit more militaristic with the shoulder design. This is the form that cosplayer AlienOrihara has decided to become. AlienOrihara’s attention to detail is impressive. The white uniform is embellished with the blue, red and orange that compose Junketsu’s eyes. She has the gold pattern along the bodice and the blue embellishment on the left arm. With blue edging along the collar down to the blue ribbon in front and the gold tasseled epaulets on her shoulders, she is the spiting image of Satsuki. Her boots match the white and blue of the uniform and cut to the same design as Satsuki’s. When taken all together, the complete outfit is stunning. With piercing blue eyes and wielding a deadly weapon, she is ready to kill.





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