This Scarlet Witch Cosplay will Put You Under Her Spell

Scarlet Witch is an infamous super heroine who uses hexes and spells to destroy her enemies. Her powers also include the mutation of probablilty. The hexes she can cast are powerful but only in her line of vision, and they often manifest as hex spheres or hex bolts in a physical form.


She first made her appearance in X Men #4, debuting in March of 1964 from the great minds of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. She is related to quite a few of the most famous figures in the Marvel Mutiverse: she is married to the Vision, she is the twin of Quicksilver, and unbeknownced to both of the parties involved, she is the daughter of the supervillian Magneto.


She also appears to be a cosplay icon, as her sexy outfit and attitude is appealing to most anyone. Many versions of this character have been attempted; however, this cosplay by vasher is among the best of the best. She really knows the character and the outfit and pulls it off in a way that only Scarlet Witch herself can.


Photography by BlizzardTerrak.

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