The Walking Dead Comic-Con 2013 Booth

SDCC 2013: Inside the Walking Dead Comic-Con Booth

If you couldn’t get over to San Diego Comic-Con for this year’s Walking Dead panels and fan experiences, no worries! We have a front row seat for all that’s TWD at the Con, and are bringing you all of the details!

One of the highlights of the SDCC exhibit hall this year is AMC’s fan booth for The Walking Dead television show. Fans get the chance to walk through a walker-filled prison yard and venture into the Governor’s head-filled man cave. We gave it a walkthrough, and survived to tell you about it. Check out our pics below!

Rick keeps watch over the prison yard:


The prison yard is overrun by walkers. Watch out, Con people!

Inside the Governor’s man cave:

Now that’s a high-def home theater. Hey, there’s the new guy up top!

Penny is ready for her feeding. Entrails, anyone?

Survivors receive a commemorative bloody eye patch: 

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