Assassins Creed

SDCC 2014: Assassin’s Creed Experience Coming to Comic Con

Ubisoft is bringing a new epic event to San Diego Comic-Con this year with the Assassin’s Creed Experience. Participants will be able to run along castle walls, hop over pedestals and shuffle across planks just like the characters from the series.

Ubisoft created the new teachable obstacle course specifically for the convention with help from Michael Zernow, the publisher’s new Chief Parkour Officer. Zernow and other professionals will be giving live demonstrations and lessons, so before diving off churches into hay bales maybe try this first.

The Assassin’s Creed Experience, which is open beginning on Thursday, July 24, shows just how diverse Comic-Con has become. Along with other interactive attractions, such as The Walking Dead Escape, SDCC is no longer just about comics, television and films. As it grows in numbers, the convention is taking on more of an amusement park feel.

Watch the announcement video below!