Fox Comic-Con 2014 Bluray Covers

SDCC 2014: Fox Exclusive Sci-Fi Blu-ray Covers Revealed

20th Century Fox is working on yet another round of exclusive covers for some of their classic Blu-rays. Fox’s sci-fi collection includes Alien, The Fly and RoboCop and the covers are simple, but immaculate. Each set has an individually numbered lithograph and key art. You can check out the covers here!

There is a limited number, 250 copies per film to be exact, so be sure to get in line as soon as possible. In case you’re wondering where to purchase these beauties, you can find them at the Fox booth and at Fox Connect. Each one will retail for $19.99.

Fox also will have more covers and for the next couple of days, there will be a given theme, sci-fi is obviously today’s theme. Be sure to check back when the others drop. Tomorrow’s theme is comedy, so what do you think Fox will have in store for tomorrow?


SDCC 2014 Alien Bluray Cover

The Fly SDCC 2014 Bluray Cover
Comic-Con RoboCop Bluray Cover


Source: IGN