SDCC 2014: Legendary Studios Makes ‘Warcraft’ Presence Felt With Massive Display

Warcraft has become a signature game over the past decade or so, it is almost as recognizable as Mario. While everybody may not know exactly what WoW is they have heard of it and know to associate it with video games. But now it’s time for Blizzard’s hit title to make a big jump, onto the big screen! Legendary studios and Duncan Jones are working to bring their realization to life in a major motion picture.

It’s clear that they want Warcraft readily available to fans, and have done an impressive job so far at this years San Diego Comic Con. With a massive display for all the fans to see the movies first title screen and even some handmade props from the set! The handmade props on display are adapted straight from the game and include the Doomhammer, Dragon Sword, and the Lion Shield. Fans of the series should be pretty impressed with what we’ve been given thus far, as it appears to be a true service to them. Not much more is known about the movie at this point, but more information may become available as we progress into the weekend panels!

Warcraft is set to release on March 11, 2016.