The Sea Witch from Atlantis: An Ursula Cosplay!

This Sea Witch first swam into our lives in The Little Mermaid. With her two pet eels and her love of black magic, she is easily one of the scariest villains from our childhood. After convincing Ariel to give up her voice in exchange for legs, she quickly realizes she might achieve getting the prince to fall in love with her, and she transforms herself into a beautiful young woman, using Ariel’s voice to captivate the prince. Prince Eric falls under her spell and asks Ursula, or Vanessa as she calls herself, for her hand in marriage. But in the end, Ariel breaks the spell, gets the prince, and Ursula is banished forever.


In Kingdom Hearts, Ursula is one of Maleficent’s followers, and helps her by taking control of the sea. She appears several times during the first game and others. Ursula tricks Ariel into helping her steal King Triton’s trident, and tries to defeat Sora and his friends by using its powers, she is unsuccessful in the end, and is cast into darkness. Ursula is a recurring enemy in the Kingdom Hearts series, so far she’s been in 4 different games, and who knows if she’ll return for the next.


This cosplay of Ursula is divine. Everything, right down to the tentacles, is made with such an eye to detail. She really captures not only the evil within, but also looks amazing while doing so. Check out Des-Henker-Braut on deviantART for more pictures of this beautiful cosplay.


Ariel cosplayer: Calli-Berry



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Written by Guest Contributor: Deekay