Seaworthy Bilgewater Katarina Cosplay Hunts For Treasure

Lethal assassin Katarina, loyal to both her family and Noxus, uses her talents to quickly dispatch of those who would threaten either party. Gifted in combat even as a child, killing was second nature to her, so she chose to follow through with her commitment by choosing to live her life as an assassin. She is nicknamed “the Sinister Blade” for her deadly career path.



The Bilgewater skin is one of many that Katarina is given in the game. Cosplayer Ainlina looks incredibly fierce as Katarina, posing with her two swords and a piratical patch over her left eye. The interesting array of fabrics and materials used to construct this cosplay really set her craftsmanship on a higher level.



Photography by Dihen Fotografia