Send Souls to the Farplane with this Yuna Cosplay

Yuna is the quiet, reserved daughter of High Summoner Braska. A summoner herself, she begins her pilgrimage in Besaid, a small seaside village. Here she meets Tidus, the mysterious newcomer who claims to be from Zanarkand, a city long dead in her world. Her pilgrimage takes her all over Spira as she enlists Aeons in her battle against Sin, a scourge on the land thought to be people’s punishment for relying on machina, or machines. As part of her duties as a summoner, Yuna sends the souls of those that have perished to the Farplane, otherwise they would become fiends and pray upon the survivors.


Cosplayer Yayababy transforms herself into Yuna beautifully. Hitting all the details, she has one blue eye and one green. A black bra peeks out from her white top which is cinched at the waist with yellow fabric embellished with green leaves. A long blue skirt and white and pink arm pieces finish off the outfit. Her hair is short and adorned with a blue beaded and feathered piece. The photo editing is amazing, as she performs the sending, dancing in the water with souls hovering around her. Yayababy has done a truly magnificent job with this Yuna cosplay.