Sexy Darkstalkers Feline Felicia in an Amazing Cosplay

Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors is a classic 90’s Japanese game that, like many games of that era, hold a very special place in the hearts of many gamers. The game features many scantily-clad but very sexy female protagonists, and we know who they are. Behold the incredibly sexy blue haired kitty cat, Felicia. A Catwoman of American origin, she was taken in and raised by Rose who gave her the pseudonym of Felicia from her name Felicity. After Rose’s death, Felicia ran away with the hopes and dreams of becoming a successful musical star. The outside world was filled with much prejudice and hate towards those who called themselves the Darkstalkers but Felicia never gave up and remembered a few words of wisdom she learned before – that one must obtain their happiness on their own. Her ultimate wish is for a peaceful co-existence between humans and the Darkstalkers, which serves as a central reason for her dream of becoming a musical star.


To cosplay a Darkstalker is a dream for many cosplayers and with popular characters like Morrigan and Felicia herself, it is easy to understand why. Canadian cosplayer, Zombie Bit Me, has done some remarkable cosplays; from Skyrim-inspired cosplays to Deadpool and much more. Take one look at her work and you will be amazed, just as her Felicia cosplay amazes us now. From the blue hair, the little fangs and even the cat paws, she is every inch the sexy feline that Felicia is.



felicia-cosplay-4For more of Zombie Bit Me’s cosplay and modeling work, visit her Facebook, Twitter, and DeviantArt pages!

Photography by Rocky Pierre Desroches.


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