Sexy Kitty Cat Katarina Cosplay is League of Legends’ Finest

This Kitty Cat Katarina Cosplay is enough to make any League of Legends fan swoon.

Katarina is one of League of Legends’ sexiest champions.  A powerful mid lane champ, Katarina is stealthy, agile, and ferocious in the heat of battle. It doesn’t take much for her to slay her opponents– especially when she activates her ultimate ability, allowing her to twirl in a fury of slashing blades.

Kitty Cat Katarina Cosplay by Alithia Gaming

kitty-cat-katarina-cosplay-2Photography by Lorenzo So

Cosplayer Alithia Gaming created this incredibly sexy cosplay of Katarina’s Kitty Cat skin.  She looks gorgeous in the white fur outfit and Katarina’s signature long red hair.  Alithia is a committed League of Legends player and cosplayer, and you can watch her livestream to witness her slay noobs in style.  Be sure to check out her Facebook page for more stunning cosplays from Alithia.