Shantae Cosplay Makes All Our Wishes Come True

Shantae is the heroine of her self-titled video game initially made by Capcom for the Nintendo Game Boy Color. The game itself has been considered a smash hit and was rereleased on the 3DS in 2013. Shantae herself is half-genie and in Shantae has been given the position of Guardian Genie, her duty being to protect a small town called Scuttle Town. Shantae has a very unique attack in which she uses her hair like a whip and can use dances she learns from other genies in order to transform into different animals.


Zerggiee Cosplay is absolutely charming as Shantae. From her beautifully crafted genie outfit, to her gorgeous long purple hair, to her adorable elven-like ears, Zerggiee has demonstrated her immense talent in a variety of areas of cosplay.


Photography by Sateriale Productions