Shego Prepares to Face off Against Team Possible in Unstoppable Cosplay


Many children will remember Team Possible from the hit Disney show Kim Possible. One of the main villains of the series is Shego, the green and black clad, energy wielding, sidekick of Dr. Drakken. While taking great pride in being evil, she does not stoop as low as Dr. Drakken does to complete her objectives. Often thought of as the greater evil between the two, her abrasive nature and constant teasing of others leads her to being in the sidekick role.


Aperture Cosplay channels her green energy through her fingers as she prepares to face off against Kim Possible. Wearing Shego’s signature green and black color blocked body suit with black lipstick, she is ready to kick Team Possible booty. Tascha Dearing Art really brings the character to life with her awesome editing, adding the green energy coming off her finger tips as well as the black dots that swirl around inside it.

 Photography by Tazpire