Shimakaze Cosplay is the Perfect Fleet Girl

War ships never looked so cute! Shimakaze from the Kantai Collection games is one of the many cute fleet girls. She may be cute but her torrents, Rensouhou-chan, will sink any enemy. Shimakaze holds is based off of the Japanese War ship of the same name which was famous for being one of the fastest destroyers in World War II. Shimakaze often boasts about her speed and has very high energy.


Adorable doesn’t even begin to describe this costume from Marinyan Cosplay! Everyone loves a cute sailor girl and the bunny ears just make even more kawaii! The little details on this outfit really made this character come to life. The anchor accessory is an especially nice touch. I just love the little flags on her heels!


Her Rensouhou-chan props are just as cute as she is. They make this cosplay come alive. Don’t be fooled by this display of cuteness, mess with her and she’ll sink you.

Photography by Stratos Image




Written by Guest Contributor: Kat McGowan