Shiro Cosplay is The Queen of the Gaming Realm

Shiro from No Game No Life is an 11 year old genius who is gifted at playing video games. She is referred to as a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). Though she is a genius when it comes to logic and problems, Shiro has difficulty with emotions and behavior. With her eidetic memory she cane learn and recall vast amounts of information quickly and can speak 18 languages fluently. Her closest relationship is with her brother, Sora, who helps her defeat beings with emotion and cares for her.



Noodlerella makes the cutest Shiro, showing her love of games while posing on a checkerboard floor. She has a compelling expression on her face as she extends a finger to tap the screen, as if she is strategizing her next move. Noodlerella really perfectly captures Shiro’s personality and proves herself to be a true talent.

Photography by Kevin Hennequin Photography