Shiro the Chess Master Cosplay will Beat Any Opponent


Shiro is an eleven year old gaming genius. Sharing a handle with her step-brother Sora, they hold the top place in over 280 games. Not only that, but she knows eighteen languages fluently and has beaten a grandmaster chess simulator twenty times. Think she is amazing? While very skilled logically she has little understanding of human emotions and even how to express her own emotions. For this she depends on Sora, which has led to an interesting dynamic where he has to be at her side constantly. It is at the stage where if she cannot hear or see him, she will go into a state of panic.


Cosplayer Fiori takes on the quirky genius’ appearance in a superior cosplay fit for a gaming phenomenon. With long pale blue hair ending in rainbow tips, she sits near a checkerboard, golden eyes emotionless. The purple sailor uniform has the red and yellow bow on her chest. Photographer La-Clover really takes the photos to the next level with her great editing skills and focus on Shiro’s lack of facial expression.





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