Shoot Down Psychos with this Maya Cosplay

Maya was born with special abilities. Abilities that made her a Siren, a woman with immense power. Since her status as a Siren was discovered when she was an infant, she was given to the Order of the Impending Storm, an organization of monks on her home world of Athenas. As an adult, she was heralded as a goddess, but she soon realized that she was being used to control the people. Longing to learn more about Sirens, she rebelled, killing her handler and escaping to Pandora.


Cosplayer Nebulaluben nails all the small details in her Maya cosplay. Yellow and black top is perfectly designed with the cleavage peek-a-boo. Cargo pants with utility belt are spot on. Ice blue hair, blue lipstick and light blue eyes radiate against the grungy backgrounds. All the clothing items are adorned with the cell shaded art style known to Borderlands, as well as the makeup embellishing her face. Siren tattoos adorn the left side of her body. Wielding a gun and showing off her Phaselock ability due to awesome photo editing, this cosplay is amazing.


Photography by CaosSpain and Nebulaluben