Shoot for the Stars with this Sailor Marceline Cosplay!


She’s half-demon, half-vampire and is over a millennium year old. She’s not old, she’s just over a thousand years old and she’s lost track of her moral code. Meet Marceline Abadeer, the daughter of the ruler of the Nightosphere. Her relationship with her father, Hunson Abadeer, was damaged from a very early age when he ate her fries, hence why Marceline sings “daddy, why did you eat my fries?”.


Her first memory as a vampire is when she movies into the Tree Fort, which would later become Finn and Jake’s home, with her boyfriend Ash, who would later be dumped for selling Marceline’s most prized possession, Hambo. She’s been all over the Land of Ooo, travelled to the Fire Kingdom, ridden a giant goldfish and gained residency in various places in her attempt to get away from the Ice King.


When two fandoms collide in one cosplay, it’s like Christmas coming early. It’s literally the best of both worlds. I love seeing Steampunk and Medieval versions of characters we know and love and admiring the cosplayers in creatiing a cosplay that explores the duality of two fandoms and styles in one, and just how easily recognizable the characters still is. This Sailor Moon/Marceline cosplay by Amanda Finley is a testament to that. It’s amazing! Seeing various interpretations of Adventure Time characters makes my heart so happy, and this one is one of them.

Photography by Bentpic5