Silent Hills P.T. Demo Erased so Extensively it Can’t be Re-downloaded

P.T. Is the fantastic and hair-raising horror demo, which is really a playable teaser released by the cancelled Silent Hills. However, it appears as though the demo has been removed from the Playstation Store.  According to several reliable sources, the teaser has been removed so thoroughly that even if a fan downloaded it in the past it cannot be re-downloaded.

This is quite unusual for PSN and now some fans have been selling some expensive PS4s with P.T. already installed.  Fans disagree with Konami’s decision and have even gotten over 100,000 signatures on a petition urging them to change their minds.

Fans would love to have this teaser back. Hopefully this petition will help bring back this horrifying and fun teaser to the fans who love it, however we are unsure it will work. Until then we can just hope this teaser will someday return.