Simply Wowed by ATC’s Shattered Stitch in Sailor Mars Cosplay

Whether you know her as Hino Rei or Sailor Mars, anime and manga fans everywhere are more than familiar with this pretty soldier. As Sailor Mars, Rei is the Guardian of Fire and Passion and is one of Sailor Moon’s guardians. She is the third Sailor Scout to be discovered by Sailor Moon and Luna.


Hardcore Sailor Moon fans know that Rei’s anime adaptation in the original series is vastly different than her personality in the manga. In the manga (and Sailor Moon Crystal), Rei is a level-headed, patient, and practical character. However, in the 90s anime Rei is a fiery-tempered typical teenager who is boy crazy and often butts heads with Sailor Moon. Regardless of which version of Rei you grew up with, Rei is undeniably beautiful, powerful, loyal, and reliable.


ATC’s Shattered Stitch stepped outside her comfort zone and modeled as Sailor Mars in the recently popular Sailor Scout lingerie. She takes what would be lingerie shoot into the cosplay world with her attention to hair, makeup, and choker. Cosplaying for several years now, Shattered Stitch has a wide variety of cosplays from World of Warcraft, XMen, LARPing adventures and more. Be sure to check out her page to see her epic work!

 Photography by Sugarfree D Photography




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