Sin City TV Series in the Works

“Sin City” TV Series in Development

The Weinstein Company is looking to expand their universe, and that push is getting a little more aggressive as they look into making a “Sin City” television series. The New York Times reported that the brothers, Harvey and Bob Weinstein want to push the limits as far as they can. If “Sin City” does well as a series, there are half a dozen other shows, tentatively set to be put into place.

These new, tentative shows include the recently announced “Scream” series on MTV, “Book of the Dead” which features ancient Egyptian detectives, a martial arts adventure series titled “Marco Polo” journeying through what could be Asia and Europe, a ten-episode “10 commandments” and each one has a different director. Lee Daniels, Madonna and Wes Craven seem to be on the list if it goes through. There is also a 10-part television series of “The Mist” which is based off the book written by Stephen King.

As far as “Sin City”, we do not know much about the project but we do know that there is a potential push window shortly after the August release of “Sin City: A Dame to Die For”. Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez directed both films and look to be in on the series as well.

Let us know your ideas on the latest development and we will be sure to make proper updates as they release.



Source: IGN