The Sinfully Seductive Vampirella Gets a Stunning Cosplay


She’s a superheroic vampire with telepathic powers and superhuman strength, stamina and senses. What else? She’s one of the sexiest comic book characters created. Meet Vampirella. Also known as Ella Normandy, Vampirella was the first daughter of Lillth, the first wife of the Christian Bible’s male protagonist, Adam. After her birth, she was sent to Earth to defeat the humans.


Vampirella is given a glimpse of her past and her future by Nuberus the demon, whose intentions were self-serving though as to help her gain access to Earth. In her visions, she sees a silhouette of a women, but did not know whom it depicted. She later realizes two things: the woman in the silhouette is her mother Lilltih and that her memories of Drakulon were a lie; they were fabricated and placed into her mind by Madek and Magdalene – her evil brother and sister.


The significance of the collaboration between cosplayer and photographer is crucial. And the collaboration between David Love (TrueFD) and the incredibly beautiful cosplayer Jenifer Ann is a paradigm for how important it is. The result? Shots that portray Jenifer Ann’s sexy and well-crafted cosplay of the vampire vixen that she embodies as Vampirella and that portray the gothic essence of her character.