Sith Cosplay Brings the Dark Side to Life

All things in life have a good side and a bad side to them. This also applies to the Force, the energy that connects all of the galaxy. The light side wielded by Jedi has been described as a flowing river. The dark side harnessed by the Sith is the opposite, a roaring fire of power. Clashing in numerous battles throughout the ages, the Sith are an ancient enemy of the Jedi. Driven by the want of power, they built many empires using slaves, drawing the wrath of others across the galaxy.


Miss Sinister Cosplay makes a deliciously deviant in her Sith Cosplay. Wearing an outfit composed of black leather, webbing, chains and red accents, she is a sexy Sith. Black and red hair, dark red lips with spikes, yellow eyes and red markings on her face really sell the dark force look. Rocking the iconic red light saber, she is ready to take out any Jedi in her way.


Photography by York In A Box and Sublime LightWorks