Slay Dragons With An Amazing Cosplay of Aela the Huntress!

Unfortunately for our social lives, many of us gamers delved deep into the troll-and-dragon-filled world of Skyrim in The Elder Scrolls V. Traversing mountains, exploring dangerous caves, and dealing with the annoyance of constantly becoming overencumbered, Skyrim gave us countless hours of gameplay to help satiate our RPG cravings. With quite an expansive amount of area that we are able to quest through, we come across a lot of interesting characters along the way, but none as loyal, faithful, and helpful as the Companion, Aela the Huntress.

aela-the-huntress-cosplay-3Following her line of ancestry that included a family line of women that were all Companions, Aela had decided from a young age that it was her duty to maintain tradition and become a Companion herself. Hunting with her father for many years, Aela trained hard to be the best hunter she could be in order to further improve her skills as a Companion. Unfortunately, Aela’s mother died when she was young, but Aela fights and leads on the life of a Companion, just as her mother did, in honor of her.

aela-the-huntress-cosplay-2Aela is quite helpful, being an amazing archer and skilled in lycanthropy. She is also a good follower to have around, as she often lets you get away with things that others may not- such as stealing, trespassing, and even murder. Want someone to keep your secrets and allow you to make your own decisions without dealing with the backlash of your follower turning on you? Aela is the woman you want to have by your side. All of these awesome qualities might prompt you to want to marry the feisty huntress. Well, you’re in luck, because you can do that too!

aela-the-huntress-cosplay-4Aela is brave, strong, and beautiful, and this is definitely something that cosplayer Chloe Dykstra easily evokes. With leather clothing, bronze hair, and typical Aela facepaint, Chloe looks almost like an exact replica of the fierce huntress. Her costume, created by Vanessa Walton, is incredibly detailed in a fashion that would be hard to pull of if not done with extreme care and loads of effort. To top it off, an amazing shoot with photographer Paolo Cellammare to create a scene that looks straight out of the world of Skyrim. All come together to make a perfect cosplay experience!



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