Slay Zombies with Saeko Busujima Cosplay

High School of the Dead is one of the most beloved horror animes to date.  It features a group of schoolmates who, upon witnessing their school becoming over-run with a horde of zombies, decide to ban together in hopes of survival.  Each classmate has something special to offer the group, with Saeko Busujima being the battle-hardened beauty.


Saeko is a master at melee combat, choosing a sword as her weapon of choice.  She can easily slaughter zombies with little to no effort.  On top of being quite agile, Saeko is also beautiful and is also depicted in a more sexy light. Cosplayer Dy Chan evokes all of Saeko’s qualities in her gorgeous representation of the High School of the Dead character.  Be sure to visit her Facebook page to see even more of her incredible cosplay work.

Photography by Willian Dobler