Sleek Catwoman Cosplay Fiercely Prowls the Night

DC Comics’ comic books, along with video game and movie adaptations, are a great source of inspiration for cosplay.  Whether you are looking to embody more heroic characteristics or completely alter your personality by evoking the manic mentality of a supervillain, there is surely to be a DC character that fits your needs.  However, Catwoman fits perfectly for those who are looking for someone who is a bit in between, as Catwoman is known for her illegal cat burglarizing while at the same time has been known to help the cause of Gotham’s savior, Batman.

Catwoman Cosplay by Nemu

Catwoman Cosplay

In this amazingly well-done cosplay, talented cosplayer Nemu becomes Catwoman perfectly. Sporting Catwoman’s signature leather bodysuit, Nemu lurks in the darkness, ready to get her sticky paws on the expensive jewelry of her unsuspecting wealthy victims.  Totally amazing!

Photography by Pugoffka