Sleeping Beauty Cosplay is Simply Elegant

Sleeping Beauty is a classic Disney movie featuring the beautiful Aurora, princess of the land. Cursed as a babe by Maleficent, a wicked being spurned by the king. As retaliation for not being invited to the baby’s christening, she placed a spell on Aurora, cursing her to prick her finger by the eve of her 16th birthday and fall into a deathlike sleep. Frantic, the king ordered all spinning wheels destroyed and entrusted the care of his daughter to three fairies. Raising her in the woods under the name Briar Rose, they did all they could to prevent the prophecy from coming true.


Cosplayer Chrome-sensei is the most stunning Sleeping Beauty around. Meticulously curled blonde hair is held in place with a black headband. White blouse is layered with black corset styled tie front blouse. Long tan skirt finishes the look perfectly. The posing is amazing with photo effects making her look magical and elegant just like in the movie. Chrome-sensei’s Sleeping Beauty cosplay is fantastic.

Photography by Lust-ik