Smash Bros. Week: Ganondorf Gets Whole New Look in Wonderful Cosplay


This week’s cosplay theme has been dedicated to Smash Bros., as we continue the hype of battling it out as our favorite Nintendo characters.  Needless to say, we were totally excited when we unlocked The Legend of Zelda villain, Ganondorf, as a playable character.  On top of his powerful moves, his massive appearance alone is intimidating, especially when placed against someone as tiny as Ness from Earthbound!  However, cosplayer Ely Renae completely transformed Ganondorf’s brute appearance into one of beauty, while still maintaining his aura of immense power.


This cosplay is incredibly well done.  From the perfectly toned body paint, to the intricate gold headpiece, Ely’s Ganondorf cosplay came out beautifully.  Ely’s cosplay is extremely detailed, showing just how dedicated she is to cosplay and how much she cares about her craft.  Ely also has an amazing cosplay of Jinx from League of Legends that you should check out as well!  View more of her work by visiting her Facebook page, and check back to Conslayer tomorrow for the next, and final, cosplay feature for Smash Bros. Week!




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