Smash Bros. Week: Incredible Princess Zelda and Link Cosplays!


Last week we were finally able to get Nintendo’s highly-anticipated game, Smash Bros., into our impatiently waiting hands.  We have been battling it out with our favorite Nintendo characters tirelessly since the release, and have even dedicated this week’s cosplay theme to Smash Bros to show just how excited we are about this game.  It is without a doubt that two of Nintendo’s most popular characters, Zelda and Link, are some of our favorite fighters so far, and these cosplays pay perfect tribute to the beloved heroes.


Yesta-sensai makes a gorgeous Zelda.  She appears radiant and her armorings are incredibly well done. Partnering up with Eressea-sama as Link, who sports the character’s signature green attire and elf-like ears perfectly, the two have created absolutely stunning images that are sure to make any Nintendo and Legend of Zelda fans proud.  We can’t get enough of these two totally epic cosplays.




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