Smash Bros. Week: Nothing Says Royalty Like This Princess Peach Cosplay


This week is Smash Bros. week at All That’s Cosplay!  Smash Bros. is easily one of the most anticipated Nintendo games of the year, and we are pumped to finally be able to battle it out with our friends as we take on our favorite Nintendo characters.  First up for this week’s theme is the lovely lady herself, Princess Peach.

Of all the princesses from video games, comics, movies, and elsewhere, one of our absolute favorites is Princess Peach. She triumphs over many other characters, even those of the Mario Series. She is graceful and dignified, but she certainly isn’t fragile. She has been a victim of kidnapping and her castle has been in danger many times. Somehow she is always able to rise up and make her way back to freedom, often thanks to the assistance of Mario and other dear friends. However, they wouldn’t be able to help if it wasn’t for her wisdom and investigative skills.

Vera Baby gives Princess Peach a whole new look in this cosplay. Her blonde hair, golden crown, and pink gown are present, but with a very sexy twist. She still displays the confidence and strength of Peach. The Koopa Troop better watch out for this fierce, sexy princess who kicks some serious butt in Smash Bros.

Photography by Gaunted



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Written by Guest Contributor: Wonderflexwoman