A Smoking Hot Cosplay of Yoko Littner

Photography by Stefano Flego

Over the last few years, we have seen an unquestionable rise in popularity of some pretty hot cosplays of Yoko Littner from the epic anime, Gurren Lagann. With her protective personality and stellar looks, it certainly easy to see why so many cosplayers have chosen to bring Yoko Littner to life for cosplay fans everywhere to enjoy. After all who wouldn’t want to spend the day as a super-hot master gunmen pilot who is so skilled with her massive rifle that she can take down not just one, but TWO gunmen with just one shoot, all by herself, and without even getting one tiny scratch anywhere on her smoking hot body?!

yoko-littner-cosplay-4Photography by Fabrizio Giraldi

While there are countless cosplays of Yoko, there are only a handful that are actually worthy of being deemed epic, and we absolutely adore Italian cosplayer Gloria’ s epic embodiment of Yoko! Gloria is definitely an extremely gifted artist when it comes to crafting her cosplays, which is why we have featured her before as Alleyne in back in September. You can clearly see that not only is her craftsmanship spectacular, she also excels in incorporating epic levels of personality into her characters.

yoko-littner-cosplay-2Photography by Andrea Walter

Gloria loves Yoko’s character so much, that she has crafted several different outfits and worked with several amazing photographers in order to capture her character in different epic scenes that you can see on her DeviantArt page. With so many great photos, it was certainly difficult to choose which ones we wanted to feature for you guys to enjoy.

yoko-littner-cosplay-3Photography by stregatt0

We wanted to select the best of the best photos that truly defined just why we felt that Gloria’s Yoko cosplay was the cream of the crop, thus we selected these amazing photos that have captured the essence of the hot bounty hunter’s bold personality. With her flame bikini top on, her skin-tight black shots, trademark white and red flame boots, and her epic rifle, this brave red head certainly is a force to be reckoned with.

yoko-littner-cosplay-5Photography by Fabrizio Giraldi

View more of Micia’s cosplay work at her Facebook and DeviantART pages!

 Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi