Snipe Down Enemies with this Sinon Cosplay

Sinon is one of the main female characters of the Sword Art Online anime series. A calm and collected girl in the online world, her ability to keep cool during battle makes her the envy of other players. This is in stark contrast to her real life personality as Shino is rather timid and anxious due to an robbery gone wrong as a child. This is her main motivation for joining Gun Gale Online as she wants to conquer her fear of guns.


Cosplayer Alexandre, also known as Fluffy Cosplay, slips into Sinon’s military attire beautifully. Wearing a khaki and white military jacket with matching khaki pants, she is ready for any climate. Her black and white top is perfectly made and her matching black shorts connect amazingly. Light blue hair with small wisps tied in the front, a long white scarf, and black gloves complete the outfit. Alexandre looks like she just stepped out of Gun Gale Online with her Sinon Cosplay!