Snow Bunny Nidalee Cosplay is an Ethereal Beauty

Winter is here, and while many of us are snuggled up under blankets drinking our weight in coffee and hot chocolate just to feel a bit more warm, many cosplayers are celebrating the coldest season with winter-themed cosplays.  One of the best sources of inspiration for cosplay is League of Legends, whose roster of characters holsters tons of creative skins, including a multitude of holiday/winter skins.


Tine Marie Riis becomes the fierce Nidalee in her gorgeous League of Legends cosplay, but instead of re-creating her classic version, Tine Marie Riis welcomes the cold and snow by sporting an incredible cosplay of Snow Bunny Nidalee.  Be sure to give Tine a Like on Facebook to keep up-to-date on all of her cosplays!

Photography by Katrix Media Site and Ookami