Sonic Rainboom! This Rainbow Dash Cosplay Knocks it out of the Park


Rainbow Dash can be summed in a few words: spunky, energetic, and headstrong. She is a fan favorite from the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series. Rainbow Dash is well known for her bold hairstyle and go get ‘em attitude.


Many people love Rainbow Dash for her spunky attitude, but her character goes deeper beyond that. She is a prankster and loves to cause some (friendly) mischief every now and then with her clouds, but beneath it she is the most loyal pony of them all. She is incredibly competitive and a true athlete, but breaks the stereotypical jock mold as she immerses herself into “Daring Do” book series. She’s such a diverse character that everyone can relate to her on some level.


The beautiful Megan Coffey represents Rainbow Dash well in her gijinka cosplay. Megan is an established cosplayer with plenty in her wardrobe ranging from Cammy to Tank Girl. She nails Rainbow Dash’s look with the spiky rainbow hair, Pegasus wings, and even the rainbow tail.


Photography by Chasis Photos.
Written by Guest Contributor: CaydenVierra