Marvel's Spider-Man

Sony and Marvel Were Collaborating on Future Spider-Man Crossovers

Key word being “were”.

One of the most interesting correspondences to come out of the recent Sony hack was between Sony motion picture chief Amy Pascal, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai and Disney CEO Bob Iger. Apparently, Sony and Marvel/Disney had discussed the possibility of Spider-Man making an appearance in Marvel’s Captain America Civil War movie(s).

Sony Pictures President Doug Belgrad had chimed in to Pascal that he could see Marvel producing a new Spider-Man trilogy (oi vey) in which Sony retained creative, marketing and distributive control.

Alas, much to the disappointment of Civil War fans everywhere, the talks didn’t continue into anything concrete. It seems that Sony and Sony alone will be bringing us whatever Spider-Man films we’re going to get for the time being.

We’re still expecting the next Amazing Spider-Man film in 2018, as well as a Sinister Six Film and a female focused superhero film.

Still not sure how I feel about reporting this info collected from a hack that also included private emails and information about (reportedly) 47,000 employees. But I don’t think reporting this particular correspondence is going to hurt anybody or seriously affect Marvel/Disney/Sony’s creative decisions.

Source: Yahoo!Movies