Sadistic Tira Stuns in this Incredible Soulcalibur Cosplay


Tira is the ruthless and sadistic fighter of the Soulcalibur video game series. Originally introduces as “The Misguided Angel of Death” in Soul Calibur III, Tira is an unstable assassin from the Bird of Passage society. She takes glee in slaughtering her enemies with her Ring Blade, employing not only her hands, but her feet and body, to attack in a hypnotizing style similar to dancing. With two fighting styles based on her two personalities, Jolly and Gloomy, she is an unpredictable, yet fun character to master.


Cosplayer Gellariot has embodied Tira in a costume from Soulcalibur V. Gellariot’s cosplay is amazing, not only wearing a perfectly crafted costume of Tira, but completely representing her personalities. The dress is exquisite with clean and fine avian details that are only matched in the quality of the boots and gloves. The feathered jewelry further push the avian theme. The most impressive piece of the cosplay is Tira’s Ring Blade. Looking extremely deadly and finely crafted, its enormous size is quite a feat. The photos really nail home Tira as Gellariot has a mischievously evil glint in her eyes and is accompanied by a sinister raven.

tira-cosplay-3 tira-cosplay-4

Photography by pugoffka



Written by Guest Contributor: Glitchiee