A Spider Woman Cosplay Webbed Up in Awesomeness

When Jessica Drew became sick due to her long time exposure to Uranium, her father Jonathan Drew injected an untested concoction made from the blood of several rare spider species with the hopes it would stop tissue damage and protect her from Uranium radiation. She was in stasis for years on end, her ageing slowed and she had no memories of her past. Drew took work as a bartender in the Wundagore citadel until the High Evolutionary departed Earth for good. There, she was accused of witchcraft and murder after her very first romance ended tragically when a small and meaningless prank turned sour, panicking the young woman and thus triggering a bioelectric blast that killed her beloved boyfriend.

Spider Woman Cosplay by Soni Aralynn


She was trained and moulded to be the perfect assassin in Hydra by a high ranking leader Otto Vermis after she fled from an enraged mob into his firm. She rebelled against them in many ways, going so far to deviate their conformity by making her suit red instead of green, and even refusing to assassinate Nick Fury.


Soni Aralynn is known for cosplaying many characters from both the DC and Marvel universes, such as Huntress, Black Widow, Wonder Woman and even Spider Woman. She’s a master at her craft. Donning her red spandex suit with the signature spider logo and the mask, she portrays the beautiful, web-slinging, former subversive and adventurer extremely well.