Splatoon’s First North American Splatfest Date Revealed

Splatoon, Nintendo’s first foray into the online shooter genre, was original going to have its first North American Splatfest during the weekend of June 20th, which was last week. However, a day before it was going to happen, Nintendo revealed on Twitter that the event was postponed due to a “matchmaking issue” during Japan’s Spaltfest, and that a new release date would be revealed later. Today, taking to their Twitter page (which also links to Spaltoon’s Tumblr with more details), Nintendo revealed a new date.

The first Splatfest will take place on Saturday, July 4th, beginning at 12:00 AM PT and will end on the same day at 11:59 PM PT. During those 24 hours, players will be asked to choose between joining either Team Cat or Team Dog, with players being put into teams based on their affiliation. Wins during this time will go to a counter, and whoever gets the most wins by the end of the day, will be declared the best. Everyone involved will get free in game representing their chosen side, while the in-game lobby will get a nice in-game fireworks show during the festivities. Splatoon is available now exclusively for the Wii U.