Spread Jiu-Jitsu with this Amazing Laura Matsuda Cosplay

Laura Matsuda is one of the new fighters introduced in Street Fighter V. The older sister of Sean Matsuda who is already a known character of the franchise, she stayed home while he became the apprentice of Ken Masters to become the heir of the Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu fighting style. An easy going, friendly person she loves to give advice to those that will listen. Looking to spread her fighting style, she searches for various opponents.


Cosplayer Vanessa Wedge becomes the femme fatale in her epic Laura Matsuda cosplay. A Brazilian fighter, Laura’s style is very much inspired by the Brazilian flag. Wearing primarily green attire, her tied top and martial arts pants are edged in yellow. Foot wraps complete the basic outfit. What really shows the dedication to this character are the small details. Vanessa sports loose flowing black hair on her right side with cornrows on the left. Many brightly colored bracelets adorn her wrists and a black belt sits on her hips. She does such a fantastic job that is seems like Laura walked off the screen into real life.


Photography by Adam Woz